The Past Uncovered. Kamień Pomorski County in the Light of Archaeology


The Past Uncovered. Kamień Pomorski County in the Light of Archaeology is the fourth event within a series of presentations of Pomeranian archaeological relics from the collection of The National Museum in Szczecin. It is the next temporary exhibition showing the historical sources regarding the oldest history of the areas of contemporary small homelands and microregions of West-Pomerania, this time referring to Kamień Pomorski County, within its present borders embracing part of the Baltic coast and the Wolin Island.

The exhibition is nearly 300 archaeological relics, which represent historic periods from Older Stoneage to Middle Ages, originating from old settlements, discovered in graves and treasures or abandoned in unknown circumstances. They include objects related to various fields of life: body and clothes decorations, toiletries, tools, weapons, coins and dishes used by societies of old cultures, made from various materials, ranging from, used commonly, clay, stone, bones and horns, bronze, iron to exclusive goods made of ores (gold and silver) and semi-precious stones (amber, mountain crystal and carnelian). Each of them has its own, often immensely interesting, disovery history, and sometimes also not less intriguing further fates.

An exceptional exhibit is a copy of early-mediaeval reliquiary of St. Cordula, a unique good made by Scandinavian craftsmen of 10th – 11th century, which, throughout centuries, was a decoration of Kamień Pomorski Cathedral treasury. The original disappeared in misterious circumstances at the end of World War II. The copy saved in the Szczecin collection is not only a testimony to artistry of crafstsmen living a thousand years ago, but also to complicated fates of Pomeranian relics.

The exhibits placed on the exhibition were given geographical layout, presenting them in several groups embracing neighbouring locations, on account of which there may be observed differences and similarities of groups of archaeological relics originating from particular parts of Kamień Pomorski County. Simultaneously, subsequent parts of the exhbition retain chronological order, giving the Visitors the possibility of choosing one of two narration orders to follow.

The exhibits are accompanied by a presentation of archive photographs from older and newer archaeological research in the region and presentation of basic information introducing into historical and cultural issues, developed in an exhibition publication, where one may also find information on the circumstances of discovering and further fates of archaeological sources and full exhibit catalogue.


The Past Uncovered. Kamień Pomorski County in the Light of Archaeology 

The National Museum in Szczecin – The Museum of Regional Traditions, 27 Staromłyńska St.

Exhibition open from June 30th to September 24th 2017
Vernissage: June 29th 2017 (Thursday), 6.00 P.M., free entrance

Curator: Ewa Górkiewicz-Bucka (The National Museum in Szczecin)

Organizer: The National Museum in Szczecin


Publication: "The Past Uncovered. Kamień County in the light of archaeology", edited by Ewa Górkiewicz-Bucka, published as the fourth volume of series "Pomeranian Archaeological Collections of The National Musseum in Szczecin” edited by Lech Karwowski and Dariusz Kacprzak, available in shops in the buildings of the National Museum in Szczecin and at the online store.