New Purchases in the African Collection of The National Museum in Szczecin
The National Museum in Szczecin
Wały Chrobrego 3 | Wały Chrobrego 3

In 2017 the African collection of The National Museum in Szczecin has been enriched by a collection of art being a record of culture and artistic sensitivity of Dogon people, living in The Republic of Mali in Western Africa. 204 sculptures (masks and statuettes) made mainly of wood, most of them originating from the 2nd half of the 20th century were purchased. 

Part of newly obtained artworks is to be shown on exhibition “Looking at the Sky. Dogon People and Their Art” at The National Museum in Szczecin, 3 Wały Chrobrego St. from September 15th to November 30th 2017.


The purchase has been covered by the funds of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within “Museum Collections” program and by the funds of West-Pomeranian Voivodeship budget 2017.