No matter where I am. Tymoteusz Lekler
The National Museum in Szczecin
Wały Chrobrego 3 | Wały Chrobrego 3

VERNISSAGE: September 22nd 2017 | 6.00 P.M. | The National Museum in Szczecin | 3 Wały Chrobrego St. | free entrance

In Tymoteusz Lekler’s output there is visible a desire that the photograph should shape the reality, with its actual meaning not being determined by surrounding world. Although the artist takes photographs of what is around him, it is not easy to find particular urban spaces in them. The places presented by him lose their features, becoming autonomic beings of a partly painter’s character. Due to this, if it is even possible to find the photographed spaces, it is not the essence of Lekler’s works reception. 

Tymoteusz Lekler encourages us to stop and abstain from aesthetically indifferent looking around. With his works, the artist from Łódź teaches us that what we see depends on how we look. In Lekler’s pictures we do not find objects that we find beautiful as the first impulse. On the contrary, it seems that the author stops to take photographs in places, where we usually speed up the pace, finding them not interesting. Ugly, destroyed, useless things gain new life in these works. In the photographs we may also see an attempt to escape from the history of particular parts of cities – by striving for obtaining autonomic form – and, simultaneously, impossibility of its full renouncement. Therefore, interpretation of particular photographs consists of two stages. At the beginning it seems to us that we face autonomic forms, for which the place of origin is not important, and then we are able to join particular pictures with fragments of histories of shown spaces.

The author says “no matter where I am”, because not the places are important, but what one is able to see. The quoted utterance is, however, worth being read in a different way as well: “no matter, where I am, because everywhere one may find the same things”. These fragmentary landscapes are voice in the matter of experiencing a travel. They are a story of condition of contemporary human dragged into the machine of global world, where tourist colonialism rules: somebody had arrived here before us, created places we know from our daily life, so we may feel safe. The same restaurants, supermarkets etc. appear, which have to make us feel at home everywhere. In result we may visit a city that we already know from photographs, books and films. The place familiar so much that it cannot surprise us. 

We know the globalized world well and we know well that wherever we go, we find the same scheme. Every time we try to get out of it, to prove that we are not tourists, but discoverer-travellers. But this “pretending to be the traveller” is a part of tourism today. Therefore it is not worth to run away from being a tourist, but it is worth show the consciousness that we are one, to notice our own, impossible struggle between the condition of a tourist and the one of the discoverer. This is what Lekler does, revealing these attempts to break away from globalized and industrialized world – with the of this very world. The moments of the escape are important – they are the ones that are captured in the photographs. Before and after, the cogs of tourist machine still work, but for this short moment – the moment of being stopped in a photo – one may pretend that they do not exist. In this way the artist tries to face the exceptional. He wants to rescue the peculiarities of places he visits from perdition. Especially as he travels a lot. He uses the same trick wherever he is. For instance, he escapes from crowds in main streets of Italian towns, he gets rid of all the people from the scene and shows, that the essence of Italian world is a pretty obscure bar. In Szczecin a similar role is played by, among others, rusty shipyard dustbins.

Although looking at his photographs it is worth to see them not as autonomic aesthetic forms, at the same time the artist’s output does not let us limit ourselves to this. Thus, let us not believe Tymoteusz Lekler, when he says “no matter where I am”.



Tymoteusz Lekler has graduated from The Public Academy of Arts in Łódź (present Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts) in Prof. Antoni Starczewski’s and Prof. Lech Kunka’s studios. His output includes 30 individual and several dozens of collective exhibitions of photographs, as well, as eight individual and many collective ones of textiles and objects in cities like Łódź, Warsaw, Cracow, Munich, Lausanne, Kyoto, Sapporo, Toronto, Lahti, Paris or Chicago. He is the author of photographs for several dozens of albums, books and hundreds of posters, fashion catalogues, music records and calendars. His works are held in museum and private collections in Poland, Europe and Japan.


Nieważne, gdzie jestem. Tymoteusz Lekler

miejsce wydarzenia, adres: Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie, ul. Wały Chrobrego 3

daty, godziny: 22.09–29.10.2017

wernisaż: 22.09.2017, godz. 18.00

kurator: dr Beata Małgorzata Wolska

współpraca kuratorska: dr Dariusz Kacprzak

organizator: Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie