The National Museum in Szczecin, ul. Staromłyńska 27, 70-561 Szczecin


The Project has been subsidized by Regional Operational Programme for Westpomeranian Voivodeship:
Priority Axis 6. Development of Metropolitan Functions
Measure 6.2 Increase in cultural attractiveness in metropolitan area
Sub-Measure 6.2.1 Development of cultural infrastructure in metropolitan area

Project budget

8.437.205,- PLN

Project objectives and description

The aim of the project is conversion and modrenization of part of the rooms of historic building of the National Museum in Szczecin at 27 Staromłyńska Street.
The building, primarily Landed Gentry House, was erected in 1720s according to a design by Gerhard Cornelius van Wallrawe. It served as office and accommodation for deputees and officers until 1928, when it was given to the Landesmuseum (The Provincial Museum) and converted according to its needs.

The building has survived World War II with no major damage, apart from roof fire, resulting probably from bombing on August 16/17th night in 1944.
A dark episode in the history of the building was the stay of „liberation” Red Army in 1945, when works of art and documents stored here have been stolen. During the plunder, walls and equipment were destroyed in search of valuable goods.
In the end of 1945, in devastated building, The Museum of Western Pomerania began its activity. It started the restoration of the building almost immediately. At that time it was, however, emergency and no necessary documentation was made, therefore the scope of devastation and restoration is unknown.

The scope of the work

The project entitled „The National Museum in Szczecin – The Museum of Regional Traditions” includes the following scope of the work:

  • adjustment of the internal courtyard for the needs of a lapidarium,
  • the adjustment work results in creating excellent space for exhibiting monumental statues and for cultural and artistic events,
  • the courtyard is planned to include a small eating place, a meeting point for the citizens, enriched with cultural and artistic activities performed by the Museum and cooperating institutions,
  • modernization of four exhibition rooms in the ground floor and equipping them with modern lighting system,
  • renovation of the rooms, replacement of installation and providing modern exhibition lighting will make it possible to create a new archaeological exhibition,
  • modernization and equipping four exhibition rooms in the first floor according to the needs of permanent numismatic and sigillographical exhibitions,
  • adjustment of the attic for the storage needs,
  • replacement of window frames,
  • renovation of stairwells and corridors,
  • replacement of central heating installation.

The investment involves

  • modernization of exhibition rooms,
  • restoration of stairwells and corridors,
  • adjustment of the attic for the storage needs,
  • roofing and restoration of the courtyard,
  • location of two monumental statues,
  • opening the courtyard to the public as a lapidarium and space for lively cultural, education and entertainment activities,
  • opening three permanent numismatic and one sigillographical exhibitions to the public,
  • creating background for archaeological exhibition created on the basis of the funds of  INTERREG V programe.
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