The National Museum in Szczecin — The Museum of Contemporary Art

Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej
ul. Staromłyńska 1
70-561 Szczecin
tel. (+48) 91 43 15 236 (kasa)
tel. (+48) 91 43 15 252

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in a classicist building of former Szczecin stronghold garrison headquarters, built in the last quarter of the 18th century, repeatedly converted in subsequent years. As long, as until the end of World War II, it was used by military authorities.

In 1970s it was handed over to the National Museum in Szczecin. In 1980, after a conversion, it became the seat of a branch of the Museum related to contemporary art. Series of temporary exhibitions carries out a programme of propagating and promoting contemporary art on the basis of the Museum's own collection (Polish and foreign art) and projects co-arranged with other institutions, organizations and artists in Poland and abroad.

Beside presentations of vital phenomena of Polish art, regional programme focused on the most important artists of Western Pomerania, the Museum coordinates international Mare Articum programme, within which, among others, it organizes Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial.