The National Museum in Szczecin — The Museum of Regional Traditions

Muzeum Tradycji Regionalnych
ul. Staromłyńska 27
70-561 Szczecin
tel. (+48) 91 43 15 208 (reception)
tel. (+48) 91 43 15 200 (Director's office)

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The Museum of Regional Traditions is located in Baroque Landed Gentry House (Pommersche Landsmannschaft), built in years 1726–1727 according to the order of Prussian king Frederick William I. The building was designed by Gerhard Cornelius de Walrave (1692–1773), the author of, among others, famous Kłodzko fortess and fortifications of Szczecin.

The palace served as the session hall of Pomeranian provincial authorities and a royal residence during king's stays in Szczecin. Over the entrance, there is the coat of arms of Pomerania and at the top of the facade – coat of arms of the king of Prussia against a background of panoply  (crossed military equipment) and allegoric images of royal virtues: Justice and Sagacity.

In the period between the world wars the palace was re-arranged into the seat of the Pomeranian State Museum (Pommersches Landesmuseum), and after World War II the building was taken over by the Museum of Western Pomerania, presently the National Museum in Szczecin. It houses exhibitions of, above all, relics of Pomeranian art from middle ages to Baroque, including Romanesque capitals from Kołbacz, early-Gothic Crucifix from Kamień Pomorski, a portrait of duke Philip I by Lucas Cranach the Younger and impressive jewels of Pomeranian dukes from the 16th and 17th centuries.