Medals and decorations

The collection of medals and decorations, amounting to two thousand relics, is dominated by Polish medals made after 1945, designed by Polish medallists: Józef Aumiller, Bronisław Chromy, Edward Gorol, Józef Gosławski, Józef Stasiński and Wacław Kowalik. Noteworthy objects are also medals and badges from between the 18th to early 20th century, commemorating eminent persons and important events, e.g. badge on the occasion of the opening of the Lubraniecki Academy in Poznań. They are works by artists of a number of generations, representatives of various streams and tendencies in European medallic arts, like Johann F. Holzhaeusser, Jan Hoehn the Younger or Philips Müller.

A highlight of modest collection of decorations is a part of purchased in 1970s heritage of  General Franciszek Dzierżykraj-Morawski (1783–1861, participant of Napoleonic Wars, a Ministry of Defence during the November Uprising in 1831, a poet and a translator) and his son Tadeusz (1821–1888, Vice-Marshal of the Sejm of the Grand Duchy of Poznań, William I, the king of Prussia’s chamberlain).