The sigillographic collection, amounting to one thousand relics, includes seal matrixes, wax and paper seal impressions, related mainly to Western Pomerania and neighbouring countries. The most precious, due to common practice of destroying them after withdrawal from use, are seal matrixes, including those from Szczecin, from between middle 13th and the 19th century. A rarity among them is the matrix of the city seal of Szczecin from middle 13th century, used for authenticating particularly important and ceremonial documents, as long, as to early 1600s. The collection includes also a seal matrix of city councillors from early 14th century and the matrix of the city secret seal, used for everyday office practice, as well, as the matrix of Szczecin city seal from early 17th century. From the times of Swedish rule in Western Pomerania, there survived the matrix of the city seal of 1660 with new coat of arms given to Szczecin by Swedish king Chalres XI. The seal was used for authenticating important documents up to the 19th century.

A point of interest among the seals are guild seals (the 15th – the 20th centuries) of most of the city’s guilds, used for authenticating various documents – diplomas, certificates, letters. Noteworthy are guild seals of West-Pomeranian cities, including the most numerous – Szczecin guild seals.