Temporary Exhibition: ZOOESTHETICS. Animals in Art

From 11/04/2019 18:00 until 30/06/2019

ZOOESTETYKA zaproszenie


Animals are one of the oldest and most intensely used motifs in art. From paleolithic rock paintings to postmodernist artifacts, they are constantly present in the visual representations and interpretations of the world created by people. The power of the animal's presence, its descriptions and images in the most varied products of human culture result from the fundamental, ahistorical need of human to define the relationship between them and the world of non-human beings. Zooesthetics, gathering dozens of works by contemporary artists from the collection of The National Museum in Szczecin, the Zachęta of Contemporary Art in Szczecin, the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko and the own collections of artists invited to the exhibition, shows a small, up-to-date section of the long and extremely extensive history of representation of animals in art. The presented period is at the same time the one in which significant changes in the perception of the status of animals are made, and thus also in the way of the artistic approach to this issue.

In Western iconography from antiquity to modern times, animals have appeared as a symbol, metaphor and projection screen of human desires, fears and affects. They were not, therefore, an objective itself, but rather acted as a handy instrumentation enabling reflection on human nature and interpersonal relations. Currently, when talking about the "animal turnover" in culture, the animal becomes a sign of itself and art becomes a form of contact with it. The narrative suggested by the exhibition follows this path – from the classic ways of presenting animals in art, which on the one hand expose the archetypal and symbolic impact of animal figures on the human psyche and shaping of human identity (Archetypes and Symbols), through narratives objectifying animals as objects of distanced observation (From the zZologist's Notebook), to creative activities in which the effort is made to "overwork" previous schemes and to manifest the creative, efficient and individual role of animals both in art and in non-artistic space (Subjectified Presence).

The last element of the exhibition narrative signals a basic problem that escapes philosophical and scientific decisions, and in the space of art is recognized only intuitively – how to understand and give voice to experiences inaccessible to human ways of understanding? How to express reality that occurs outside the language? Artists also do not give a clear answer to such questions, but they undertake more and more frequent attempts to create "new channels of communication" and a new model of relationships between people and animals using tools appropriate to art.



The exhibition Zooesthetics. Animals in art is accompanied by workshops carried out within the Contemprary Art for Children education program.

The Contemporary Art for Children project is aimed at children aged 6-12 who want to start their adventure with art. Although it seems that contemporary art is too difficult to be shown to children, during meetings it can be seen that it is not so, and the time spent in the Museum can inspire both children and parents.

The main goal of the classes is to play with contemporary art what gives you the opportunity to create and authentic, creative freedom. The formula of the workshop is based on the natural ability of the youngest to think creatively. Specially selected art tasks are to stimulate the child's imagination.

The calsses are held in Polish.

The tutor: Agata Kamińska
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel. (+48) 797 705 277

Entrance fee: PLN 10 pp.
The number of participants is limited. Reservation is obligatory.



ZOOESTHETICS. Animals in Art

The National Museum in Szczecin – The Museum of Contemporary Art, 1 Staromłyńska St.

April 12th – June 30th, 2019

Vernissage: Thursday, April 11th 2019, 6.00 P.M., free entrance


Artists: Maria Anto, Michalina Bigaj, Czekalska+Golec, Barbara Gawdzik-Brzozowska, Vladimir Drapal, Grażyna Drzewińska, Andrzej Dudek Dürer, Vladimir Gazovic, Justyna Górowska, Adam Hoffmann, Raimo Kanerva, Keazym Isinow, Leszek Kiljański, Andrzej Kowalski, Marta Kremer, Piotr Kurka, Natalia Janus-Malewska, Natalia LL, Benon Liberski, Artur Malewski, Marian Malina, Adam Marczyński, Eugeniusz Markowski, Mariusz Marszal, Janina Matysik, Zdzisław Nitka, Anna Orlikowska, Kazimierz Ostrowski, Henryk Ożóg, Jerzy Panek, Włodzimierz Pawlak, Teresa Pągowska, Nikodem Pułka, Łukasz Rogiński, Zygmunt Rytka, Rainer Schwarz, Witold Skulicz, Marek Sobczyk, Krzysztof Sołowiej, Jonasz Stern, Stoimen Stoiłow, Wiesław Szamborski, Katarzyna Szeszycka, Ryszard Szymański, Mikołaj Tkacz, Andrzej Tobis, Andrzej Tryzno, Monika Wiechowska, Wojciech Wilczyk, Agata Zbylut, Andrzej Żywicki 


Curator: Magdalena Lewoc
Curatorial cooperation: Marlena Chybowska-Butler