PASSION According to Us, Op. 8 - an Exhibition of Works By Students of Collegium Seniorum Adult Education Academy

Starting on 26/06/2019 17:00

On Wednesday, June 26th 2019, at 5:00 P.M.we invite our Visitors to attend the vernissage of "PASSION According to Us, Op. 8" exhibition at The National Museum in Szczecin in 3 Wały Chrobrego St. The aim of the exhibition is to summarize drawing & painting classes held by Grażyna Gawęda within Collegium Seniorum Adult Education Academy at Szczecińska Szkokła Wyższa Collegium Balticum in academic year 2018/2019.

The exposition presents works by: Aleksandra Boreysza, Danuta Budny, Maria Chorągiewicz, Edward Domański, Grażyna Dominiak, Anna Graczyk-Maciocha, Ewa Łobodziec, Jadwiga Mirecka, Krystyna Murawska, Urszula Rychlińska and Alina Sendłak. 

The participants of the classes realize their artistic passions as part of the "Drawing and painting" program. It assumes learning basic artistic techniques, materials and tools as well as the secrets of the workshop of well-known artists and selected issues in the field of contemporary art history.

This year, students focused on the output of Pablo Picasso, analyzing his exceptional works and his workshop. The artist's favorite technique – collage – has become an inspiration for individual artistic explorations.

The works presented at the exhibition were made with such techniques as: watercolour, acrylic, soft pastel, ink, drawing in pencil and charcoal, etc.


The works were previously presented at the seat of Szczecińska Szkoła Wyższa Collegium Balticum, at Słowianin House of Culture, at The Pomeranian Library, at Stara Rzeźnia and at 13 Muz House of Culture. 

The group was established in 2011. Since then, its drawing and paitnig teacher is artist Grażyna Gawęda.


The exhibition is on display until September 8th 2019 (Sunday)

The vernissage is to be held on Wednesday, June 26th 2019, at 5:00 P.M. at The National Museum in Szczecin in 3 Wały Chrobrego St.