Wednesdays with history of Szczecin

Wednesdays with the history of Szczecin is a cycle of readings about various issues related to history of Szczecin. It has been organized since September 2009 by the National Museum in Szczecin – The Szczecin History Museum and will be continued during this academic year for the seventh time.

The goal of the cycle (according to the latest trends of the development of historical science) is to illustrate multifaceted nature of the history of Szczecin, and thus – to provide the participants, in a simple way, with the scientifically documented knowledge of chosen topics concerning political and cultural history, historical demography and urban studies. That is why the readings concern various issues from the Szczecin’s history before 1945 and after.

The cycle is dedicated to wide group of people interested in the history of Szczecin, especially to students, teachers and everyone who would like to deepen their knowledge about the past times of the city, but may have problems to reach to the latest professional historical literature. Professional historians and history students are welcome due to the potential activity during the discussion after each lecture. Those meetings are also opportunity for wider group to make a contact with professionals who deal with history of Szczecin.