Offer for families
The National Museum in Szczecin has been carrying out intensive educational activities aimed at people of all ages and versatile interests for many years. The main objective is not only to enable the audience to learn about the sights and phenomena associated with the present exhibition, but also to prepare children, youth and adults to conscious perception of art. In the family offer you'll find mostly museum workshops based on permanent and temporary exhibitions, through which children learn not only art and culture, but also the most interesting discoveries and facts about the history of the region, the world and the secrets of the work of the archaeologist, art historian and curator. During the classes the children will have the unique opportunity to see, touch and even try on the items displayed at exhibitions or stored in museum storages. Creating the educational program, we tried to remember that contact with art affects the imagination, provides pleasure and relaxes. Visits to museum revive, make more attractive and support the learning process. Out activities complete artistic events showing the broader cultural context of exhibitions presented at the museum: concerts, film screenings, meetings, lectures and book promotions.
Toddler's Academy
Interactive visit
Junior's Academy
Griffin's Academy
Kids' Academy
Children Draw
Contemporary art for children
Holiday Academy
Birthday in the museum