Birthday in the museum

Birthday party in the museum is a great possibility to celebrate with friends among fabulous works of art, but also an occasion to get knowledge about the most interesting exhibits in the museum. Birthday party is about two hours of workshops. The first part is realized at the chosen exhibition, the second one – in the educational room, where kids have art class. Some meetings are enriched with cartoon or movie related to the topic of the workshop.

You can choose one of proposed topics of workshops:

1. The world one thousand years ago

2. Birthday of Young Archeologist

3. African adventure

4. Swirly line – drawing games in museum

There are lots of puzzles, rebuses, contests and attractive tasks stimulating imagination. We encourage kids to common play but also to complete tasks and art work in techniques related to chosen topic.

In educational room, where the art class takes place, the small treat can be prepared if you bring disposable tableware. You can also prepare yourself the decoration in the room.

Terms have to be scheduled at least two months earlier.
Age: 6 – 12 years old.
Maximum amount of guests: 20
Cost: 250 PLN (includes: entry and artistic materials)

Dorota Baumgarten-Szczyrska,
phone. (+48) 91 4315 270
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