Interactive visit

For children and their parents we offer three options of interactive visits:

Educational exercise books

It’s an offer for young visitors and their parents. It’s special exercises related to the exhibition The Golden Age of Pomerania. The Art at the Court of Pomeranian Dukes in 16th and 17th Centuries. Books are prepared for children in three age groups: 5-6, 7-9 and 10-13 years old. Exercise book is a free add to the ticket. Multimedia kiosks on the exhibition will help to discover the secrets of Griffins duchy.

Griffin – museal creature

The educational exercise book presenting collection of the griffin images that includes coat of arms of dukes and various lands that belonged to the Duchy of Pomerania, as well as the presentations of the creature known and distributed after the Griffin family expired. The various forms that griffin had been taking became a part of the Pomeranian landscape. Discovering them may be a great fun for kids aged 5-10 years. Exercises consist of coloring images, pointing differences, finding a way in a labyrinth, guessing the password, taking a trip marked by griffin over the exhibits in Museum. Pencils, colored pencils, markers or paints will be needed. Exercises in the book improves the children’s hand-eye coordination, manual abilities and perceptivity. Exercise books cost 12 PLN and are available in all ticket offices in the Museum.


Suitcase full of colored pencils, colored paper and other artistic materials that help to solve specially prepared tasks related to the exhibition Not Only Tulips. Staatliches Museum Schwerin as a guest in the National Museum in Szczecin. Muzik encourages kids to active and individual visiting the museum. Program is dedicated for children aged 6-12 years and their parents. Suitcase may be borrowed from the ticket office at National Museum in Szczecin at Wały Chrobrego 3 and it costs 5 PLN.