Oferta dla szkół i przedszkoli

The National Museum in Szczecin has been carrying out intensive educational activities directed to schools and kindergartens for many years. The main objective is not only to enable the audience to learn about the sights and phenomena associated with the presented exhibition, but also to prepare children and youth for conscious perception of art. During the activities we indicate and discuss important issues concerning cultural heritage in our region,  try to present the history of Szczecin and Western Pomerania, as well as the history of art and architecture. A variety of themed meetings are carried out mainly at permanent and temporary exhibitions, but also in places enabling the presentation of the relics, usually located in museum storages. Often we use archival photographic material, educational videos, multimedia presentations, games, child's plays and various teaching aids that encourage participants to talk about art and culture. Creating the educational program, we tried to remember that contact with art affects the imagination, provides pleasure and relaxes. Visits to museum revive the learning process, make it more attractive and complement.

The Education Guide contains a list of lessons and workshops' topics offered in the three buildings of the National Museum in Szczecin. Forms and topics of the course proposed by us can be modified according to your wishes. The educational program is consistent with the requirements of the program in pre-school, school and integrated education.

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