Museum Workshops

Museum Workshop is a form of classes aimed at preparing children and youth for conscious perception of art and the phenomena associated with the culture and tradition through participation in the creative process. The workshops consist of a theoretical part conducted on the basis of exhibitions presented at the museum, as well as art activities part. Classes excite the imagination and sensitivity, teach creativity, provoke students to independent and creative thinking. They show how the piece of art is created and what techniques are used by its creators. Participants will also have the unique chance to see the exhibits inaccessible to the general visitor and to perform tasks and works of art in the technique corresponding to the selected theme. Materials for the workshop are provided by the National Museum in Szczecin and are included in the price of classes. The proposed workshop topics can be found in The Education Guide.

Reservations of museum workshops and charges

The cost of a museum workshops for schools and kindergartens is 10 zł per person for special schools and educational centers is 5 zł per person. Teachers and guardians have free admission.

Museum classes and workshops for children and youth are held from Tuesday to Friday from 9.00 am to 15.30. Classes can be booked at the following times:
Monday 7.45-15.30, Tuesday to Friday 7.45-8.45 and 14.00-15.30 directly with the tutors. 

When ordering classes please have the following information:

  • When ordering classes please have the following information:
  • The term of the planned visit
  • The selected topic of workshops or lessons
  • Age of participants and size of group
  • Contact details: address and phone of school or kindergarten class or group and the name of the teacher. We also remind that classes can only be ordered by teachers. Ordering classes with a large (several months) advance should be confirmed at least one week before the planned activities.

Fees for classes must be paid to the Cashier of the National Museum in Szczecin right before the class. We remind you that in every building of the museum, in which classes and workshops are conducted, nearby the dressing room there is a cashdesk, where you can pay the fee for classes. The resignation or change of dates of booked activities should be informed by telephone at least 2 days in advance. Otherwise, the Purchaser will pay the costs incurred by the National Museum in Szczecin.

Important information

  • The classes may be attended by only one class or group of kindergarten or school. Please do not combine groups.
  • Come to the museum 10-15 minutes before the start of classes.
  • If there is a need to shorten the course, please notify that to tutor before the meeting starts.
  • For groups that do not notify to be late, we wait only 15 minutes after the scheduled start of classes.
  • The group leader, teacher or guardian is obliged to participate in classes and take care of proper behavior of pupils during lessons or workshops. In case of a significant breach of law and order by the participants, tutor can finish it qiucker.
  • Museum reserves the right to cancel classes after previous notification to the customer.
  • Teachers can realize their own program with their class in the museum after reporting this to the Education Department, not later than three days before the planned activities.

Classes are held in Polish.