Temporary Exhibition: Freedom – Hope – Beginning
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Dialogue Centre Upheavals | Plac Solidarności 1, 70-515 Szczecin, Polska

On June 4th 2019, at 12.30 in the afternoon, we invite you to the NMS–DCU conference hall. There, after There, after the singing of the national anthem at 1 Solidarności Square, there will ba held the opening of an exhibition of artistic works prepared by the pupils of Specjalny Ośrodke Szkolno-Wychowawczy (SOSW, Special Educational Centre) in Kamień Pomorski.

Since February, SOSW youth under the guidance of their teachers worked on posters, the content of which refers to the 30th anniversary of the 1989 June elections. Young artists, remembering the main theme of "Freedom – Hope – Beginning", were able to choose the poster technique themselves. It is worth noting that teachers and carers since the opening of The Dialogue Centre Upheavals permanent exhibition actively participate in various events held by NMS-DCU. The pupils took part in museum lessons, and their teachers in conferences, debates and vernissages.

The exhibition is on display until June 26th 2019.