Temporary Exhibition: Bird without Space. Georg Johann Tribowski – Early Paintings
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Contemporary Art | Staromłyńska 1, Szczecin, Polska

As a continuation of a series of monographic exhibitions of artists of German Szczecin (Berhard Heiliger, 1998; Mac Zimmermann – Surrealistically, 2012), as well, as exhibitions familiarizing the viewers with the beginnings of Polish cultural policy of the city (Pioneer Organisms, 2015; Far from Moscow, 2016), The National Museum in Szczecin arranged a show of Georg Johann Tribowski's (1935-2002) works. Contrary to the painter's previous retrospectives (The Museum of Cieszyn Silesia, Cieszyn, 2009; House of Culture, Dobrodzień, 2009; Edith Stein Museum, Lubliniec, 2010; "Pokaz" Critics Gallery, Warsaw, 2012; Saska Kępa Cultural Ferry, Warsaw 2013) – born in Gdynia in German-Kashubian family, temporarily relocated to Szczecin after World War II – the present event regards only the issue of the young artist's output. The exhibition shows, above all, early paintings, created before Tribowski left Poland in 1964. The works of this formative period are accompanied by, chronologically correspondent, the ones by other Szczecin artists, mainly the teachers of local State Artistic Secondary School, attended by Tribowski in years 1951–1956. A vital role in his artistic develompent was played by Dr. Leopold Kusztelski – a mediaevalist from Poznań, pre-war custodian of The City Museum of Toruń, first voivodeship relic restorer of Polish Szczecin. Dismissed from the last position by communist authorities, accused of war collaboration with Germans, nearly one and half a year after taking his office, Kusztelski became an outlaw in an alien city, sharing the people's enemy's fate with Tribowski. The future painter's close contact with the art historian - taking up various jobs, such as: tram driver, junior restorer of The Museum of West-Pomerania, teacher and columnist - undoubtedly had a crucial influence on the Gdynia's artist output. Alienated due to nationality reasons, Tribowski got independent from official cultural policy mechanisms, taking up The Catholic Church commissions. An escapist meaning may be found in focusing on the subject of still life and dialogue with masters - the old ones and the modernist classics. Both issues were developed in later Hamburg period. The exhibition "Bird without Space"  shows not only formal and iconographic sources of Tribowski's œuvre. Analogically to "Far from Moscow" exposition, which recalled forgotten Szczecin Museum Director Natalia Pacanowska-Haltrecht, highlights the role of another Szczecin's theorist.  

By Dr. Szymon Piotr Kubiak 

tribowski 2018

Temporary Exhibition: Bird without Space. Georg Johann Tribowski – Early Paintings

The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Contemporary Art

1 Staromłyńska St.

Vernissage: January 26th 2018 (Friday), 6.00 P.M.
Exhibition open from January 27th till April 8th 2018 

Curator: Dr. Szymon Piotr Kubiak
Organizer: The National Museum in Szczecin 


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– Gdynia Film Centre Gallery


The National Museum in Szczecin – Cultural Institution of West-Pomeranian Governemnt co-led by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage