The National Museum in Szczecin Exhibition in Niechorze: Fisherman
The Museum of Sea Fisheries in Niechorze | Aleja Bursztynowa 28, 72-350 Niechorze, Polska


We invite you on July 7th, 2018 at 5:00 pm to the Museum of Sea Fisheries in Niechorze, 28 Aleja Bursztynowa, to the opening of the exhibition entitled "Fisherman's house. Reconstruction of the State of the 1920s and 1930s".

   The exhibition presents an extremely interesting period in the history of the Baltic coast. It is a time when the process of changing fishing villages into seaside resorts  become irreversible. Already in the second half of the nineteenth century, the number of holiday-makers, who lived in rooms rented from fishermen, coming to the Baltic Sea was increasing. Hotels and guesthouses were built at an increasing rate from the end of the century. The inflow of vacationers to geographically and socially isolated fishing villages forced residents to adapt to the needs of visitors and the requirements of modernity. In order to meet this challenge, old houses were modernized and expanded. In this area, for several centuries they had mostly been modeled on the Lower Saxon residential architecture, known as the hall one, where under one large hip roof there were living, utility and livestock rooms. In turn, new houses, built of brick, referred to the "urban" style. It was also copied in residential interiors by buying wardrobes, cupboards, sofas and chairs. The walls were hung with secular oil paintings, curtains were hung on the windows. The kitchens were equipped with tools and utensils from the factories. Traditional, usually painted furniture: chairs and armchairs with seats made of darted pine roots, weaved in intricate patterns, chests and food cabinets, were abandoned. The 1920s and 1930s were a time when new patterns and urban aesthetics co-existed with old elements of interior design, but more and more often they were moving away from traditional patterns in favor of individual ideas.


The exhibition of The Department of Ethnography of Pomerania of The National Museum in Szczecin presented at The Museum of Sea Fisheries in Niechorze, 28 Aleja Bursztynowa

Exhibition open: July 7th – October 14th 2018, Wednesday - Monday: 10.00 A.M. – 6.00 P.M., Tuesday: 10.00 A.M. – 2.00 P.M.

Vernissage: July 7th 2018, 5.00 P.M.