The Amber Bear Back in The Museum!
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Regional Traditions | Pałac Sejmu Stanów Pomorskich, Staromłyńska 27, 70-561 Szczecin, Polska

Throughout the summer holidays, until September 16th 2018, at The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Regional Traditions (27 Staromłyńska St.) one can again see one of the most valuable, and certainly the most popular, relic from the Museum's collection - "The Amber Bear."

A special presentation is one of the elements of the Summer Promotional Campaign of the National Museum in Szczecin "Może Muzeum".

As its result, almost 20,000 copies of folders with the Institution's summer offer were sent to the resorts of the Western Baltic, as well as to Szczecin's hotels and tourist information centres.


The Amber Bear
Made of Baltic amber, the image of a bear is one of the most famous and popular masterpieces of prehistoric figural art discovered in the Oder and Vistula basin. A graceful, ten-centimetre-long sculpture captivates with a gentle outline of an animal's silhouette, extracted from a transparent raw material of a warm color. The sculpted figure has both realistic and symbolic features. In the portrait convention a big head, a short neck and a massive torso are presented. Symbolically, paws are formed not to provide a stable setting. The bear could be worn as a pendant fastened by a hole visible in the torso.