Polish-Bolshevik Poster War
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Dialogue Centre Upheavals | Plac Solidarności 1, 70-515 Szczecin, Polska

The Museum invites on August 15th at 12.00 at noon to The National Museum in Szczecin - The Dialogue Centre Upheavals at pl. Solidarności 1 for the vernissage of the exhibition "Polish-Bolshevik Poster War".
The Polish-Bolshevik war had various faces. The battles were fought by soldiers aginst The Red Army and by diplomats seeking help from European countries. The creators of propaganda, often unknown today, fought as well. Their most important weapon were posters. Placed in public places were to influence the attitudes of the masses, poorly educated people, sometimes illiterate ones. For these reasons, they were characterized by a simple, even primitive composition. Sometimes the impression is that they were made ineptly. The posters were accompanied by short slogans expressing the content and values ​​presented by the visual compositions. A simple form, understandable to everyone, was their strength. "Polish-Bolshevik Poster War" is an exhibition of The Military Centre for Civic Education named after Col. Marian Porwit in Warsaw, which consists of 10 poster boards. Among the authors of posters we can find Polish artists, including Edmund Bartłomiejczyk, Zygmunt Grabowski, Kamil Mackiewicz and Tadeusz Waśkowski, and the Soviet ones, like P. Abramov, Victor Deni, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Dmitry Moor.
The vernissage is to be held in The National Museum in Szczecin - The Dialogue Centre Upheavals conference hall. On this day, events accompanying the opening of the exhibition will take place: a concert of patriotic songs ("MELODIA” choir from the Club of 12. Szczecińska Dywizja Zmechanizowana) and the introduction by Michał Ruczyński from the Szczecin Branch of The Institute of National Remembrance.
The exhibition will be available until September 7th 2018.

The Curator of the exhibition: Piotr Życiński