Temporary Exhibition: Celebrating
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Regional Traditions | Pałac Sejmu Stanów Pomorskich, Staromłyńska 27, 70-561 Szczecin, Polska

The exhibition "Celebrating" is the fifth presentation of the collection of the Department of Ethnography of Pomerania of The National Museum in Szczecin. This time the exhibits, a lot of which which have been displayed for the first time, illustrate the richness of folk yearly and family rituals and customs.

At the exhibition, the story of Polish celebrating has a calendar layout. The chronological order presents the local traditions related to the most important religious holidays: Christmas and Easter, but also with other important annual ceremonies yearly harvest festival or commemoration of All Souls.

A second narration is combined with this chronological context. It refers to the most important events in an individual's life: birth, marriage and death.

The exhibition "Celebrating" is an invitation to meet prankish kolędnicy, merry Easter, ceremonial harvest festival, prophetic St. Andrew's Day and joyful wedding.


Moreover, it encourages us – continuators of native traditions – to compare the past time with present celebrating manners and with our celebration of the Sacrum.