Temporary Exhibition: Reborn Poland (1918-1939). From the Perspective of German Pomerania
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Szczecin History Museum | Księcia Mściwoja II 8, 70-533 Szczecin, Polska

VERNISSAGE: November 13th, 2018 | 12.00 at noon | free entrance

Reborn in 1918, the Polish state was considered a threat to the German domination in the East by the German society. That was fuelled by official propaganda, depicting Pomerania (Pommern) as part of the "bleeding wound" of Germany, which was exposed to the expansion of the Polish state, preparing further possessive movements against the German East. It was especially shown to the eastern regions of the province (Lębork, Bytów, Słupsk), which were considered particularly vulnerable to the "bleeding" border. This state persisted throughout the  whole interwar period, although after Hitler's taking power in 1933, the official anti-Polish propaganda was was ceased for several years (until April 1939).

Poland and the Poles were a significant political, social and economic problem in the life of Pomerania. The eastern border of Pomerania was the eastern one of Germany. Across the border, lively trade was carried out and border traffic took place. Polish seasonal workers were coming to Pomerania, playing an important role in the labour market in rural regions. In Szczecin, there was quite a large number of Poles, whose social lives were concentrated around the Polish consulate and several Polish organizations, including the Union of Poles in Germany. In the Lębork, Bytom and Słupsk districts, the Kashubian population, which maintained their ethnic traditions and bonds with Poland, was still a part of the society.

The exhibition is a choice of documents showing the restoration of the Polish state and its influence on German Pomerania. The archive materials presented are the property of The State Archive in Szczecin and are complemented by The National Museum in Szczecin exhibits.



Poland Reborn (1918-1939). From the Perspective of German Pomerania

November 13th - December 2nd 2018
vernissage: November 13th 2018, 12.00 at noon, free entrance

The National Museum in Szczecin - The Szczecin History Museum
8 Księcia Mściwoja II St. (Old Town Hall)

Curator: Paweł Gut, PhD (The State Archive in Szczecin), Anna Lew-Machniak, PhD

Organizers: The State Archove in Szczecin, The National Museum in Szczecin



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