Zbigniew Romańczuk's "HYPERLINK" exhibition is an immersive, interactive visual installation. The exhibition curator: Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz more

Since December 17th 2020 an open-air exhibition entitled "1970. Evil/Accident" dedicated to the December revolt of the Coast will be displayed in an exceptional place – plac Solidarności in Szczecin.  more

The Museum is still closed... However, we have decided to arrange a new exposition and (temporarily) present it online. more

In response to numerous Museum Guests' requests, the exhibition of model ships has returned to the hall of The National Museum in Szczecin building at Wały Chrobrego (temporarily, until the opening of new permanent exhibitions entitled "Hidden Meanings. Art in Pomerania in the 16th and 17th Centuries" and "Matter of Light. Gallery of Mediaeval Art" in renovated halls). more

Prof. Jerzy Stelmach Eureka Foundation and The National Museum in Szczecin invite to planetarium presentations of dynamic pictures related to the universe and nature. It is a kind of multimedia spherical cinema popularizing a wide range of natural sciences. more