vanitas - ziemnik. Przemysław Cerebież-Tarabicki's vanitas - eartharium

The Museum is still closed... However, we have decided to arrange a new exposition and (temporarily) present it online.

The exhibition is available since December 7th 2020. 

We hope that, according to the government's anticipation, since January we will be able to invite you to the Museum facilities again, including The Museum of Contemporary Art, where the new exhibition will be available.

The exhibition presents over a dozen of painting objects by Przemysław Cerebież-Tarabicki, created within a few recent months as a part of a project entitled vanitas - ziemnik. It is a series of works created from perspective of mature artist who has been  present in the artistic landscape of Szczecinf for years; a painter and an animator of numerous events promoting contemporary art.

The presented series is a kind of self-retrospective that allows to capture and record the author's artistic, life and generational experiences, his ups and downs, failures and fascinations, hopes and disappointments. As the herbarium is a collection of plants frozen in time, dead but preserved before annihilation, vanitas - ziemnik (eartharium) is, as an artistic project, a personal collection of memories about people, events and places, processed with the help of the artist's painterly language developed over the years. And just as the earth ultimately becomes the resting place of living matter, so the vanitas - ziemnik becomes a repository of memories and a model of searching for their most adequate artistic form.

Within the vanitas - ziemnik series, Tarabicki combines the abstract language of geometry with painter-processed images of the body in a way that is typical for his picturing model. The vanitative character of the project focused on evanescence and suspension of human existence between life and death makes his personal, intimate message universal. 


Przemysław Cerebież-Tarabicki – born in 1954 in Szczecinie. Between 1975 and 1979 he studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the then Technical University of Szczecin (present West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin) and at Gdańsk Unversity of Technology. In years 1979‒1983 he was a student of the then State School of Visual Arts in Gdańsk  (present Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk), he gained a diploma in painting at Kazimierz Ostrowski's studio in 1983. Between 2011 and 2013 he was an academic teacher at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. 1994‒2012 creator and curator of Trystero contemporary art gallery in Szczecin. Author of several dozens of individual exhibitions and participant of numerous collective expositions in Poland and abroad (in, among others, Australia, Denmark, Germany and Sweden).


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