"The War Continues" - Photographs by Andriy Dubchak at Plac Solidarności

See the second part of the open-air exhibition depicting violence of the war in Ukraine. 

The first one, entitled "Freeze. Lives of Children at the Frontline" was exposed at pl. Solidarności in March this year, several days sfter the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The new part, deliberately untitled, may be seen beside the first one since June 13th. Its presentation has been possible on account of the Szczecin branch of the Union of Ukrainians in Poland.   

The first Russian attack in Ukraine took place in 2014. Part of Ukrainian territory was then annexed by Russians. The picture of life by the frontline and of the aftermaths occurring especially to children - the weakest ones - may be seen in photographs by Andriy Dubchak, photographer and reporter of Radio Svoboda. The final exhibition board, presenting photographs of March 2019, is closed by the words "The war continues". 

After the intensification of Russian aggression in February 2022 and the attempt to subdue the whole Ukraine, the photographer continued to record the war. Andriy Dubchak went to Donbas, which is one of the locations where Russian soldiers' violence and cold-bloodedness is particularly visible. He took pictures of damages, war crimes done to people or inhumanity towards animals. 

Due to the fact that the exhibition is available in public space visited by families with little children, we decided not to expose the most violent photographs. The ones that are on exhibition do not, however, leave a lot to be imagined: they depict one of the most dramatic and bloody conflicts in the newest history of Europe.