Final of Centenary – Deposits of Remembrance

Join us on Wednesday, 8 November 2023, at 12 noon, for the opening of the exhibition entitled "Final of Centenary - Deposits of Memory", which will conclude the nationwide five-year celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence.

The exhibition is on display in the education room / open storage of the NMS-DCU.
It will be available until 15 January 2024.


The exhibition will present the most interesting memorabilia related to Independence Day and the inter-war era that began after the Great War. These are unique objects found in the collections of Szczecin collectors: Tomasz Gliński, Zuzanna Gonera, Cezary Jankowski and Andrzej Wincza, as well as in the collection of the NMS-DCU.

The variety of the artefacts and documents collected will show how important events from over a century ago are for the preservation of memory, and how successive generations have been involved in the search for traces of the past. Over the past few years, the NMS-CDU collections have often been enriched with such objects, which were accompanied by the donors' accounts on how important the memory of the pre-war past was, preserved in the Polish People's Republic. At that time, the interwar period was shown only in negative vision. It was these objects that carried not only the specific memories associated with them, but also the values with which that era was associated. An important place in the exhibition will be taken by symbols of the struggle for independence, such as cold weapons used in the Legions, military equipment, eagle badges and objects related to the most important figures of the era, including Marshal Józef Piłsudski. It will be possible to see cavalry sabres, as well as copies of Józef Piłsudski's uniform with the famous maciejówka cap. It will also be possible to see some items from the times of the Partitions, such as copies of the military headgear of the three partitioned armies. Civilian objects will be on display as well, including a beautiful dress from the late 1930s, jewellery and family photographs.

"Final of Centenary" will be the highlight of the NMS-DCU celebrations of the 105th anniversary of Poland's independence.

The national celebration of Poland's independence was launched on 11.11.2018, one hundred years after Poland became free after 123 years of partitions.

Since its establishing, the NMS-DCU has held a number of indoor and outdoor exhibitions in which freedom was the main theme. The events of 11 November 1918 were referred to, among others, in the exhibitions 'Following the Traces of the Marshal and the First Cadre Company', 'Legionaries' (from the collection of the Szczecin Piłsudski Association), 'Roads to Independence' (Museum of Józef Piłsudski in Sulejówek), 'War of Posters' (Garrison Club in Szczecin), 'Semper Fidelis' (from the collection of the Soldiers' Circle of the 12. Regiment of Podolsk Cavalry), '1918. Regaining Independence' (the 'Karta' Centre), 'Memory Dialogue. What we Did Not Want to Forget', or 'After the Great War' (ENRS).


The exhibition has been co-organised by West-Pomeranian Marshal's Offic


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