"Anew" - Exhibition of Ceramics by Rezerwat Formy Studio

The exhibition 'Anew' showcases ceramics fired and decorated using ancient and traditional techniques.

The exhibition features vessels, decorative forms and photographs, as well as descriptions of the techniques used.

The exhibition shows the variety and beauty of products obtained by very simple methods using low temperatures and natural materials.

The authors of the works are members of the "Rezerwat Formy" group operating in the ceramics studio of the Cross-Border Environmental Education Centre in Zalesie.

After years of working in clay and firing in electric kilns, the workshop participants became interested and enthused by old, forgotten ceramic techniques. Now, after many trials and experiments, the group "Rezerwat Formy" is successfully using techniques such as lamination, obvara, earth kiln firing, raku and sagar, i.e. ancient ceramic techniques also known as alternative techniques.

The ceramics are made exclusively by hand, without the use of ready-made moulds, and this makes each work unique. The variety of themes and modelling styles reflects the personalities of the authors, who are people of different ages and backgrounds who share a common passion.

The authors of the works presented are Anetta Burak, Ewa Janowska, Kaja Janowska, Grażyna Kamińska, Anna Mangudis, Elżbieta Michalska, Joanna Podlasińska and Iwona Pokora.



Exhibition available from 15 November to 10 December 2023
Vernissage: 14 November 2023 (Tuesday), 5.00 P.M.
The National Museum in Szczecin, ul. Wały Chrobrego 3

Organizer: Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Policach
Partners: Transgraniczny Ośrodek Edukacji Ekologicznej w Zalesiu,  The National Museum in Szczecin


Afisz ceramika 1