Astronomical Eureka

Prof. Jerzy Stelmach Eureka Foundation and The National Museum in Szczecin invite to planetarium presentations of dynamic pictures related to the universe and nature. It is a kind of multimedia spherical cinema popularizing a wide range of natural sciences.

There are two types of sessions. The first type is associated with the basic function of the planetarium – education in the field of astronomical knowledge. The dome displays spherical coordinate systems, constellations, planets, galaxies and other astronomical objects. The show is commented live by a host. It is a type of lecture, lesson or presentation adapted to the age of the listeners. The second type of shows are special popular science films, prepared in such a way that they can be displayed on the dome. The viewer has the impression that they are in the middle of the action, as at the IMAX cinema.

In addition to the planetarium, at the exhibition you can also enjoy spectacular, dynamic images of the Sun's surface from the European Space Agency SOHO telescope. The image of the Sun with a diameter of over three meters, obtained by means of a computer, TV set and a special system of mirrors, has a spatial character. The display also includes a large model of the SOHO probe.
The Sun model is enclosed by a special wall illustrating a characteristic part of the sky: the constellation of Orion with Sirius. The stars were shown with great realism using fiber optics, maintaining the relativity of brightness of the stars. A frequent theme of the Sun at the exhibition is not accidental The whole of phenomena related to the impact of solar radiation on Earth is called cosmic weather. On the walls there are 13 illuminated coffers with colorful posters related to this subject in three languages ​​(Polish, English and German).

Booking & tickets
mobile: +48795111084
tel./fax: +48913507812
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Normal ticket at PLN 15 and a reduced one at PLN 10available after booking at The National Museum in Szczecin ticket office in 3 Wały Chrobrego St.
Exhibition visit together with the planetarium show take approx. up to 90 minutes.
The shows may be held (within the Museum opening hours) on condition, that a group of Visitors exceeds 10 people.
The maximum number of Vistors present a t the exhibition at one time equals 33.

Organized tour shows are held from Tuesday to Sunday after prior booking. Individual visiting (fewer than 10 people) is possible only by joining an organized tour. If no reservatiion is made, the exhibition is closed and there is no possibility to see it. The Astronomical Eureka staff is present only at booked visits. Our main seat and information point is located at 10 Malczewskiego St. We reserve the right to cancel a show due to technical reasons.
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