Model Ships on Exposition

In response to numerous Museum Guests' requests, the exhibition of model ships has returned to the hall of The National Museum in Szczecin building at Wały Chrobrego (temporarily, until the opening of new permanent exhibitions entitled "Hidden Meanings. Art in Pomerania in the 16th and 17th Centuries" and "Matter of Light. Gallery of Mediaeval Art" in renovated halls).

The model vessels on exposition include sailing ships, e.g. "Dar Pomorza", well-known and preserved sail training ship, "Bounty" merchant ship, or "Mayflower" galleon, famous for its cruise from England to North America in 1620. In 1957 a detailed copy of the ship was built, which repeated the cruise with a crew of 33 people. Today it anchors at American port of Plymouth as a relic and a tourist facility. Detailed models of "Santa Maria" carrack or "Ark Royal", "Wodnik" and "Smok" galleons are presented as well. Among contemporary vessels, first Polish passenger ships, "Comteledoc”, "Polonia” and "Batory”, are noteworthy.