Museum der Stadt Pasewalk: Paul Holz as Inheritor of Rembrandt's Idea. Drawings from The National Museum in Szczecin

On Sunaday, March 1st, at 2:00 P.M., The City Museum of Pasewalk (Museum der Stadt Pasewalk, Prenzlauer Str. 23a) invites for the opening of an exhibition entitled "Paul Holz as Inheritor of Rembrandt's Idea. Drawings from The National Museum in Szczecin. The vernissage entrance is free of charge. 

The exhibition Curator is Dr. Ewa Gwiazdowska from The National Museum in Szczecin.
The exhibition is available until May 24th 2020.  


Walter Riezler – the Director of Museum der Stadt Stettin, a member of Werkbund, editor-in-chief of "Die Form”periodical, during his nearly-twenty-five-year management of the institution (1910–1934) collected interesting and precious exhibits of Avant-Garde art. Appreciating the talent of Paul Holz, Riezler purchased sets of his drawings for several times. Museum der Stadt Stettin housed 40 works by the artist, 33 of which were confiscated in 1937 within Nazi action of cleansing the museums of "degenerate art”. Almost all the remaining ones disappeared or were destroyed during the war. Only one item of former German collection survived at The National Museum in Szczecin. 

In 2009, part of the artist's legacy came to Szczecin. A valuable group of his works – currently, for the first time publicly presented in full at Museum der Stadt Pasewalk – was donated to The National Museum in Szczecin by the artist's daughter Christiana, born in this city. The works were submitted by the executors of her last will. Paul Holz, whose biography is related to Pasewalk, Szczecin, Wrocław and Schleswig, and whose work is invariably filled with love for Pomerania, today is an invitation to a joint Polish-German reflection on the interesting, though difficult, 20th-century history of Pomerania, a symbolic reflection of which is the presence of his works in Szczecin Museum resources.

The exhibition prepared by The National Museum in Szczecin in close scientific cooperation with Museum der Stadt Pasewalk shows Paul Holz – sometimes compared to Alfred Kubin, Käthe Kollwitz or Ernst Barlach – as an artist open to what is marginal and often overlooked, although real is also fleeting. The presented works reveal unconventionality in his way of perceiving the world, which is accompanied by masterful freedom of gesture and proficiency of the artist's workshop.

Excerpt from a text by Dr. Dariusz Kacprzak published in the exhibition catalogue


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