The Furthest Poland: Letter of The President of The Republic of Poland

The Letter of The President of The Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda on the opening of "The Furthest Poland. Szczecin 1945 - 1948" exhibition.

The reading of the letter was given by Minister Halina Szymańska, Chief of The Cahncellery of The President, during the press vernissage on July 15th, 2020.

The exhibition is available at Plac Solidarności (from the side of ul. Małopolska) between July 15th and August 14th 2020.



 English translation:



Andrzej Duda

Warsaw, July 15th 2020

To Organizers and Participants of the opening ceremony of "The Furthest Poland. Szczecin 1945-1948 Open Air exhibition"

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Seventy-five years ago West Pomerania returned to Poland. Poles from Eastern Borderlands and other territories arrived in devastated Szczecin to find their new home here. The common efforts of generations of Poles caused ruins to become the city, which is a magnificent economic, cultural and intellectual centre, thriving and encouraging creativity. Admiring beauty of today's Szczecin, we may not forget about the pioneers, who gave it unique character at the beginning of the post-war history. Therefore, I am glad that, on the initiative of "Pamięć i Przyszłość" Centre, of The National Museum in Szczecin and of The State Archive in Szczecin, an exhibition being a record of that period came into existence. 

Its title, although accurately referring to the geographical distance of Szczecin from the centre of our country, may be, however, confusing. In spite of the fact that the capital of West Pomerania is located in a distant part of our Motherland, the heart of Poland has been beating here for numerous times in the post-war history. This is the place, where, in 1946, one of the first great demonstrations against the policy of communist authorities and in favour of Stanisław Mikołajczyk took place. Here, in December 1970, workers' protests erupted, which were ceased with bloodshed, and in August 1980 strikes bagan, which ended in signing the August Agreement. Here in June 1987 our great Compatriot Pope John Paul II called for dignifed living for Polish families and respect for human labour.

Today Szczecin is developing fast, it is a symbol of modernity and a connection with the world on account of its port character. But at the same time it is a city with history, a city which grew from dreams of strong, just and free Poland. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to creating an exhibition recording the first years of these great deeds. I hope that it will gain the interest of numerous visitors, both local inhabitants and tourists from Poland and from abroad. I am sending my cordial greetings to all residents of Szczecin and West Pomerania. We can be proud of how much has been achieved and how maginificent and fascinating city Szczecin is today.


( - )

Andrzej Duda


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