The NMS DIalogue Centre Upheavals Awarded at ŻYCIE W ARCHITEKTURZE [LIFE IN ARCHITECTURE] Competition

The National Museum in Szczecin – The Dialogue Centre Upheavals building awarded at the ninth edition of ŻYCIE W ARCHITEKTURZE (2015-2019), a prestigious competition held by the "Architektura-murator” mothly magazine.

The design by Robert Konieczny and Michał Lisiński from KWK Promes studio won the prize in the category: Best Public Space in Poland in Years 2015-2019.


Justification of the Jury: One of the most symbolic, multidimensional and ideological spaces in Poland, not only after 1989, but even after World War II. The uniqueness of the architectural design lies in the skilful shaping of the building so that it becomes a building and a square at the same time. What should be particularly appreciated is the creation of a structure that is unique and provides the basis for various interpretations, which houses an exhibition that maintains the memory of the post-war fate of the city, while on the surface - the roof of the museum - ordinary life with all its manifestations takes place today.

Commemoration of the bloodshed of December 1970, social protests that spontaneously gather crowds and everyday activities find their rightful place here. The jury appreciates the involvement of the main designer in creating the image of the square and popularising the message that public space belongs to everyone without exception and allows all to utilise it commonly in diversified and multithreading ways.



ŻYCIE W ARCHITKTURZE is a nationwide competition for the most significant architectural projects. It has been held by the editors of the "Architektura-murator" monthly magazine since 1995. The aim of the competition is to promote the greatest achievements in the field of architecture in Poland and to increase public interest in its role by awarding the best facilities completed during the competition period. The ninth edition concerns investments implemented in 2015-2019

The name of the competition is the essence of both its purpose and evaluation criteria. They are social issues and the quality of life in architecture, promotion of the greatest achievements in the field of architecture in Poland, stimulating public interest in the issues related to the role of architecture in urban development.

The competition is greatly popular and recognized among the architectural environment, international architectural institutions as well as local and state authorities. Over 3,000 projects have competed in the 8 previous editions.

The main prizes are awarded in 7 categories, including 5 traditional and 2 ideological. The traditional categories are: Best Public Facility in Poland 2015-2019, Best Commercial Facility in Poland 2015-2019, Best Multi-Family Building in Poland 2015-2019, Best Single-Family Building in Poland 2015-2019 and Best Public Space in Poland 2015-2019.

The ideological categories are: Best Facility Designed for the Polish Climate 2015-2019 and Best Socially Responsible Facility in Poland 2015-2019.

The Jury is also entitled to award an additional prize to the facility responding to the challenges of the modern world in Poland 2015-2019.

The competition website:

DARIUSZ HERMAN, THE PRESIDENT - co-founder of HS99 studio, since 2016 co-running HMS Architektura office, co-author of, among others: the undeground sacristy of the Koszalin Cathedral, the seat of "Głos Pomorza” newspaper or CINiBA building in Katowice which won the Grand Prix – The President of Poland's Award for the Best Object of Architecture in Poland in the Seventh edition of Życie w Architekturze competition
JUSTYNA BIERNACKA - graduate from WA PW, doctoral student at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, co-founder of Koło Architektury Zrównoważonej (Balanced Architecture Club) OW SARP, the inititator of #architekcidlaklimatu (architects for the climate) action, partner at MATERIALITY consulting company
BOHDAN (BIŚ) LISOWSKI - the President of SARP (Association of Polish Architects), graduate from WA PK, a member of SHS (Art Historians' Society), PTI (Polish Information Processing Society), since 1999 involved in the activity of SARP, including three last editions of International Architecture Biennial in Cracow
KRZYSZTOF INGARDEN - awarded SARP Honorary Prize 2009, professor and dean of the Faculty of Architecture and FIne Arts at Cracow Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academy, the author of, among others, Centrum Kongresowe ICE and Małopolski Ogród Sztuki in Cracow, Polish EXPO 2005 pavilion or Polish Embassy in Tokio
EWA P. PORĘBSKA - editor-in-chief of "Architektura-Murator” magazine, first Polish Juror of Mies van der Rohe EU Prize for Contemporary Archiecture (edition 2013), Juror of Public Space Award (since 2010)