The First Maritime Museum in Reborn Poland. Stanisław hr. Ledóchowski Museum in Warsaw

Intense works on a multimedia project entitled "The First Maritime Museum in Reborn Poland. Stanisław hr. Ledóchowski Museum in Warsaw” are in progress..

We are presenting a selection of ready elements of the two-year (2020 - 2021) project.

The project has been financed by the state budget funds of The Polish Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport within the Program Wieloletni "Niepodległa” for 2017–2022.

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Stanisław Ledóchowski was a landowner originating from Eastern Borderlands. He graduated from Maritime School in Kherson. Afterwards, he went into industry (shipyard, sailing, maritime depots). Paradoxically, he succeeded in the land activity of his factory of wire mesh - Polska Fabryka Siatki Jednolitej Hrabiego Stanisława Ledóchowskiego SA in 32 Przemysłowa Street in Warsaw. In 1932, at the area in the vicinity of the main plant, he created Poland's first maritime museum. It operated until World War II. Its ground floor housed ship models (many of which were created at the museum model workshop), sea-related oil paintings and numerous photographs, maritime posters etc. Part of the museum activity was aimed at, as Ledóchowski himself called it, maritime propaganda. He established a bulletin, three issues of which were released. Parts of the exhibition were exposed in various parts of the country (Cracow, The National Museum in Warsaw) and abroad (Brussels and probably World Exhibition in New York in 1939, possibly under the umbrella of Maritime and Colonial League, which he was a member of). He died during the war in 1940. Part of the museum collection was placed in Szczecin, where Central Maritime Museum was to be established. Now they are a part of the collection of The National Museum in Szczecin.

The aim of the project is to restore the remembrance of the history of the first maritime museum in reborn Poland and of the figure of Stanisław Ledóchowski and his accomplishments related to his deep patriotism. Their goal was to popularize Polish relations with the sea among the whole nation. It is also a jubilee exhibition commemorating the centenary of Polish return to the Baltic Sea. 

The project will be composed of several parts: exhibiting relics and mementos, digital reconstruction of the museum and artistic elements (a mural). The main part of the enterprise will be carried out in five centres in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Kołobrzeg and Szczecin. Besides, there will be a travelling exhibition of boards presenting reproductions of photographs taken by Ledóchowski and his associates and the history of Polish return to the sea, of the Maritime Museum and of Ledóchwoski himself. 

The Head of the project is Dr. Tomasz Budzan, the Manager of The Maritime Department of The National Museum in Szczecin.