HIPERLINK x2 Virtually

The international virtual  collective exhibition entitled HYPERLINK - a New Image of the World and Human (curated by painter Zbigniew Romańczuk, philosopher Aleksandra Łukaszewicz - Alcaraz and graphic designer Radosław Nagay) is still available.

A record of the second project of the same title - Zbigniew Romańczuk's individual exhibition - may be also found on The National Museum in Szczecin website. 


Virtual gallery: https://playcanv.as/p/30ckJX6f/
"Hyperlink” virtual exhibition info: click
"Hyperlink" Zbigniew ROmańczuk's individual exhibition info & photo gallery: click


Both exhibitions take up the present day's important subject of the relationship between painting, the traditional field of visual arts and new technologies that enter our lives, transforming their form and the way we function in them. This type of influence can also be observed in relation to paintings, which, without giving up their aesthetic values, including painterly quality, often obtain a different form than paint strokes on a canvas. The paintings often become digital in various areas of their existence, both by taking up the subject of digitality and reflecting it, as well as by turning into a digital state, either by digitising a physical object beforehand, or by digital birth. Through such various activities, they inquire about the form, structure and content of the image and of reality itself.

The painting is characterised by focusing on a selected fragment of visuality, which opens the way to reflection and aesthetic contemplation. These two aspects remain in the digital form of painting, also, interestingly, in its dynamic forms.It is worth to pay particular attention to the work by Zbigniew Romańczuk presented at the individual exhibition, in which the image he creates (with the technical support of Radosław Nagay) is a variable and interactive image, changing under the influence of the modulation of the visitor's hand movement over the LeapMotion controller. At the same time, the size of the painting and its abstract character enable contemplative immersion focused on aesthetic properties, not devoid of any meaning, because the partial images that create a hypnotic whole come from the resources of the Internet, available under a free Creative Commons 0 license and, in accordance with the author's intention, constitute a metaphor for collective consciousness and the non-consciousness.

Both exhibitions are part of a broader project that artistically and philosophically considers questions referring to the status of modern technologised reality and the role of the image in it. They are also an introduction to the discussion within the Forum on the contemporary condition of painting and its mutual relations with technology, which is to be held for the first time at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Art in Szczecin in October 2021. The Forum will be an open cyclical event, and substantive reports on it will be published on the website of the Faculty of Painting, allowing a wide audience interested in the subject matter to become acquainted with various artistic and research perspectives.


Prof. AS dr hab. Aleksandra Łukaszewicz – Alcaraz