Exhibition "Hope and Tragedy. Hungary 1956."

"Hope and Tragedy. Hungary 1956” exhibition opening is to be held on Friday, October 22nd, at 2:00 P.M. in The National Museum in Szczecin – The Dialogue Centre Upheavals (passage by the cafe). The exposition will be available until November 22nd (Monday) 2021. 

The event will be participated by, among others, the Honorary Consul of Hungary in Gdańsk Pál Attila Illés and the Honorary Consul of Hungary in Szczecin Artur Balazs. The Curator of the exhibition is the Manager of The NMS – DCU, Agnieszka Kuchcińska-Kurcz.

The exposition will present the photographs of Hungarian revolution of 1956 which have been unknown so far. The collection was given to The NMS – DCU by a resident of Szczecin, who received them from a witness to those events. The photos show the revolution, the hope that Hungarians had at the time of thaw that occurred in the Eastern Bloc, but most of all, they picture the tragedy that happened when Hungary, and mostly Budapest, was reached by Soviet tanks. In result of the intervention and further repressions 2,500 people were killed. The introduction to the exhibition is a story of Polish October 1956, when a bloodshed was avoided (contrary to the Poznań June 1956) and of great hopes of Poles related to the change at the top positions in the communist party. The exhibition finishes with a Szczecin motif, that is an attack against the Soviet consulate in December 1956 and a history of food, medicine and blood transport to Budapest, which set off from Szczecin at that time.