Locus Oculus 1 & 2 by Danuta Dąbrowska - Wojciechowska in the Collection of the National Museum in Szczecin!

We are pleased to inform that the collection of the National Museum in Szczecin - the Museum of Contemporary Art has been enriched by "Locus Oculus", a work by Danuta Dąbrowska - Wojciechowska! 


Locus Oculus 1 / Locus Oculus 2    


Two separete sets of objects, made of acrylic glass hemispheres, 32 cm in diameter, in metal rings. Inside them there are further concentric rings. In each pair of them, one contains a loop video animation.   


Both animations refer to the author's interests in various aspects of visual perception, using the figure of an eye. They are a collage of a set of eyes, in one looking upwards and downwards, in the other doing the same sideways.  

The premiere presentation of the works took place at the "Szczecińskie Awangardy” exhibition at the National Museum in Szczecin in 2017. Their second display was an individual exhibition entitled "Vide", held at INKU gallery in Szczecin in 2019.  


Locus oculus 1&2 Danuta Dąbrowska - Wojciechowska   

Locus oculus 1&2 Danuta Dąbrowska - Wojciechowska