"Dangerous Frolics" Installation by Przemysław Cerebież-Tarabicki

At the turn of 2020 and 2021, the NMS Museum of Contemporary Art presented an exhibition of works by Przemysław Cerebież-Tarabicki "vanitas - ziemnik”. Now we are pleased to present the epilogue of this project – the artist's new installation entitled "Dangerous Frolics”. 

Performative art, especially collage installation, becomes a supplement to Przemysław Cerebież-Tarabicki's artistic output. They are means of expression which appeared along with Post-Modernism, dominating over contemporary artistic world and more and more frequently playing the role of a landmark of the present times. 

Creating a compilation of artifacts, juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated elements that are bound by a conventional network of symbols or references, may be read as the artist's comment on current times and surrounding reality. The essence of such a work is the author's interpretation of connotations arousing the viewer's own observation of the object – re-defining a specific story presented as extended sculpture form and free transformation of its preception. Double connotation, pastiche and stereotype-based narrative or provocative use of a metaphor are some of the means of expression used in the work. 

We face an empty throne, an everlasting symbol of power. Its dynamic setting suggests lack of stability. Temporary or ultimate absence of the ruler is provocative. Ravens, ambiguous birds, mysterious and connected with battlefield and death, but also carrying wisdom and hope, sit on it. The presence of those lords of mysteries of the future creates a space for intellectual, philosophical and ethical reflexion. The figure of Stańczyk ensures that the considerations refer to Poland. Stańczyk, the artist's alter ego, a jester-philosopher, thoughtful critic, does not sit on the throne. The throne rejects him as well. Only the shadow of the author's features visible on the wall informs the viewer on his recent presence. A group of gathered figures symbolises ideologisation of social life. Dwarves – undersized trolls, crowd near the unstable throne, which tempts, magnetises and segregates them. We may find here blue ones, green ones, red ones, rainbow ones, anarchists and purpurats. there is a hen hiding in the shadow of the seat, which is a motif of petite-bourgeoisie stuffy home. The mirror carpet deepens, multiplies and defaces everything. The reflections shows Stańczyk as well, a shadow of a shadow. 

"The poet remembers" – the artist sees more – despite his seeming absence, he is a critic witness of the provocative situation, a thoughtless dance of dwarves driven by unfulfilled dream of power. 

Eng. Arch. Wojciech Bal, PhD, Professor of West Pomeranian University of Technology

Installation held within "vanitas repetycje" project on account of the support of the City of Szczecin