Commemorative Plaque Dedicated to August Ludwig Most

On the initiative of the Collecting, Old Art and Painting Lovers' Club in cooperation with the 9thSecondary Copmrehensive School and the National Museum in Szczecin, on the elevation of former St. Mary's Foundation School at Plac Mariacki, a commemorative plaque dedicated to outstanding Szczecin painter August Ludwik Most was hung. 

This was the school where the artist taught drawing for most of his life.  

The unveiling ceremony took place on Friday, June 3rd 2022 and was participated by the representatives of the abovementionned institutions, Kryspin Pawlicz, Monika Drozd and Dariusz Kacprzak, PhD, as well as deputy President of the City of Szczecin Lidia Rogaś and the Director of the Department of Culture of the Municipal Office Joanna Leszczyńska. A short lecture on the artist's output was given by Ewa Gwiazdowska, PhD from the National Museum in Szczecin. 



August Ludwig Most (10.03.1807 Szczecin – 27.06.1883 Szczecin) - painter, a representative of the Biedermeier, contributor of the Szczecin artistic life and valued educator. After his studies at the Royal Prussian Academy of Arts (Königliche Preußische Akademie der Künste) in Berlin he developed his workshop working in Dresden. In 1834 he returned to Szczecin for good and was an active participant of the city life as, among others, the organizer of an exhibition of his own works and co-founder of Kunstverein für Pommern artistic society. He painted genre scenes recording regional culture, portraits or, less frequently, landscaper and city views. From late 1841 until his death he was a drawing teacher at St. Mary's Foundation School and other secondary schools in Szczecin. He was a teacher of Eugene Dekkert.


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