12th West-Pomeranian Museum Event of the Year Competition

The twelfth edition of the West-Pomeranian Museum Event of the Year Competition held by the Szczecin Branch of the Asscoiation of Museum Professionals uder the patronage of the Marshal of West-Pomeranian Voivodeship has been completed.

The main goal of the competition was to select and award the authors of the best museum projects held last year in the region in two categories: exhibition and education.  

The awarding ceremony was held at the National Museum in Szczecin on Wednesday, October 19th 2022, participated by Anna Bańkowska, Member of the Board of West-Pomeranian Voivodeship.  

The Jury composed of Anna Bartczak, Małgorzata Frymus, Bogdana Kozińska, Eryk Krasucki and Przemysław Wraga chose the best events in two categories.

In the exhibition category the Jury decided to award the prize Ex aequo. The winners are: "Mystery of Light. Mediaeval Art in Pomerania", authored by Kinga Krasnodębska from the National Museum in Szczecin for outstanding exposition of old art collection in a new, attractive composition and "Osiecki genius loci”, authored by Krystyna Rypniewska, Dr. Ewa Miśkiewicz-Żebrowska and Ryszard Ziarkiewicz, presented at the Museum in Koszalin for multidimensional approach to the topic and highlighting the historical continuity of the place where artists from Poland and Germany have been exploring new artistic areas for years. 

A honorary mention in the education category was awarded to an exhibition entitled "Wyspa pamięci – stamtąd – tutaj”, authored by Dr. Ewa Grochowska and Karolina Gołębiowska from A. Kaube Regional Museum in Wolin for an inventive arrangement of the effects of the "Wolin – Island of Memory" project exploring private histories.  

In the education category the Jury decided not to grant the award due to insufficient content of the competition applications. 



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