Restoration of Artifacts from the NMS Department of Non-European Cultures

Objects loaned to the Department of Conservation-Restoration of Architecture and Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń returned to the Department of Non-European Cultures of the National Museum in Szczecin.

The conservation our exhibits have underwent was carried out within graduation works performed by students under the eye of their supervisors. Conservation research was conducted, on the basis of which the scope of the works was determined and the methods for each objects were chosen. On account of the efforts of the students and their supervisors, the objects regained their original brightness, becoming more attractive and readable. The numerous examinations brought plenty of interesting information on particular exhibits including their making techniques or materials applied.  


We would like to thank: Aleksandra Jaros, Julia Soroko, Klaudia Szwak, Paulina Niemyjska, Aleksandra Gralińska-Grubecka, PhD; Katarzyna Polak, M.A; Prof. Piotr Niemcewicz and all the individuals involved in the conservation of our objects. 


Photo by: Ewa Sitarek

Zabytki UMK Torun 1

Chinese redware warrior figure (618-907 A.D) – Paulina Niemyjska, supervised by Aleksandra Gralińska-Grubecka, PhD



Zabytki UMK Torun 2

Zabytki UMK Torun 3

Zabytki UMK Torun 5
Japanese screen decorated with lacquerware (the 19th century) – Julia Soroko, supervised by Prof. Piotr Niemcewicz



Zabytki UMK Torun 4

Polychrome Bodhisattva head of sun-dried clay (China, the 12th-13th century) – Aleksandra Jaros, supervised by Aleksandra Gral, PhD



Zabytki UMK Torun 6

Chinese redware warrior figure (618-907 A.D.) – Paulina Niemyjska, supervised by Aleksandra Gralińska-Grubecka, PhD