"Things Different" by Kamil Kuskowski at Ogrody Śródmieście

At first look, Kamil Kuskowski's neon inscription 'HAPPINESS MAKES THINGS DIFFERENT' seems to be a truism claiming that fortune changes the perception of reality.

In fact, however, the artist proposes a riddle: what might these products of happiness be? He thus questions the very status of the state, which is identified with fulfilment and culmination, rather than the moment of the creation of some things. Moreover, there is not the slightest hint of what happiness might bring about. When part of the inscription fades out, the word SZCZECIN is illuminated. Is this supposed to suggest that it is the luckiest of cities? And it is still unclear what the implications of this might be.

                                                                                                                                      Jarosław Lubiak, PhD


Participate in the unveiling of Kamil Kuskowski's project "Things Different" on July 30th, 2023, at 7:00 P.M. in Ogrody Śródmieście (ul. Wielkopolska 19).


Kamil Kuskowski
"Things Different”

Curator: Mikołaj Iwański, PhD

organizer: Ogrody Śródmieście
co-organizers: Trafo Trafostacja Sztuki w Szczecinie, the National Museum in Szczecin
partner: Academy of Art in Szczecin
media patronage: notes na 6 tygodni