Exhibition "Malczewscy. The Son Figure": West-Pomeranian Event of the year 2017!


The prizes are awarded by the West-Pomeranian Branch of the Association of Polish Museologists. The founder of the awards is the Marshal of the West-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The competition jury composed of: Anna Bartczak, Eryk Krasucki, Paweł Migdalski, Bogdan Twardochleb and Przemysław Wraga rated the entries of 10 museums in two categories: "Exhibition" and "Educational and popularizing activities".

The jury has decided to award the following prizes and honorary mentions:
in the category "Educational and popularizing activities"
– honorary mention for Ms. Krystyna Rypniewska from the Koszalin Museum for the project "Stained Glass in Western Pomerania" - for undertaking a difficult, rarely developed subject in a consistent manner and combining scientific and educational activities

- an award for Mr. Przemysław Antczak from the Archaeological and Historical Museum in Stargard - for the project "Secrets of the tenement house" - for consistent placing the activities beyond the museum walls and for reaching, together with the local community of various ages, places previously poorly recognized and important from the point of view of local history

in the "Exhibition" category

- honorary mention for the team composed of Marta Bierca, Monika Ogiewa-Sejnota, Piotr Tarnawski from the Archaeological and Historical Museum in Stargard - for discovering local history based on extensive source queries and admitting history "on broad paths"

- the award for Mrs Beata Małgorzata Wolska for the exhibition of The National Museum in Szczecin "Malczewscy. The Son Figure" - for innovative presentation of the output and personalities of artists who only seemed to be already well-known.