Jewish Music Days
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Regional Traditions | Pałac Sejmu Stanów Pomorskich, Staromłyńska 27, 70-561 Szczecin, Polska

SEPTEMBER 15th−16th 2018

How could Jewish music sound in Szczecin?
In the New Synagogue at the present Dworcowa Street, powerful organs resounded, the choir gave concerts, the most famous artists of their times sang. On the ceremonial days, the works of Louis Lewandowski, the greatest composer of Jewish music, born in Września and creating in Berlin, were performed. Psalms were sung alternately with short, dance preludes or monumental instrumental works. Placing a hand on the surviving fragment of the wall of the former synagogue, we are still able to feel its slight tremor. Today it is moved by the vibration of the lively street. In the past, the sounds of mystical prayer used to strike it.
Nearby, in Niebuszewo district, dozens of people and vehicles were tapping their everyday music on the streets. Old folk melodies were hummed at work or at home. In the evenings legends about distant lands and long journeys were sung. Immortal characters revived in small flats of artisans, tenement houses or wooden buildings. From the windows in today's Krasinskiego or Janosika streets, a tale of distant Sepharad was seeping. Beautiful, pure singing was carried away far beyond the city limits. Looking at our city today, will we be able to hear it again?
Thanks to the source materials, photographs and texts of historians, we managed to resurrect these two musical images. During Jewish Music Days in Szczecin, we will recreate the music of the New Synagogue and Niebuszewo. In two evenings we will renew the tradition of two hundred years.
Saturday, September 15th 2018, 7:00 P.M.
Jakub Stefek – organ
Anna Woźnicka – soprano
Olga Wądołowska – mezzo-soprano
Aleksander Słojewski – tenor
In the old times, synagogue music was reserved for a narrow circle of religious communities gathering in prayer houses. In the nineteenth century, in the reformed synagogues, vocal music was combined with organ accompaniment. In the New Synagogue in Szczecin there was a great organ (it was an instrument larger than the organ existing presently in the Cathedral of St. James). At the request of the Jewish community, Louis Lewandowski, whose fame is still alive today in Berlin and all over Germany, composed his music. The synagogue in Szczecin was visited by singers from Warsaw and Łódź. Interrupted by the Second World War, the performing tradition will be revived by the Vox Varshe trio with the accompaniment of Jakub Stefek.
During the concert the premiere of the new creation by Eunho Chang, inspired by the vocal and organ Jewish tradition, will take place.

Sunday, September 16th 2018, 7:00 P.M.
Kaja Mianowana – soprano
Old instruments band
Tales of distant Sepharad, or the Spanish land of the ancestors of many Jews, have survived for hundreds of years. Today, no one speaks Ladino language, thanks to which they gained their wonderful immortality. They tell about everyday life, fun and worries, about growing up and love, about fantastic heroes and quite simple people. The same rhythm and melody once flowed through the streets of every city. Certainly, they were also sung at Szczecin's Niebuszewo. The theme of passing and traveling is amazing in them, so strong in Jewish culture and history. To perform them, you need real honesty and simplicity of feelings. Only so you can really experience their beauty. On the second evening, we will be hosting Kaja Mianowana, a great musical artist who will be accompanied by a band of ancient instruments.
Admission to concerts is free.