In memory of Prof. Witold Dobrowolski


With great pain, we received the information about the death of Professor Witold Dobrowolski, classical archeologist, art historian, outstanding etruscologist, lecturer at the Institute of Archeology, University of Warsaw, and a museum professional, a longtime curator of the Ancient Art Collections of The National Museum in Warsaw.

The professor has also left a significant mark at The National Museum in Szczecin. As a museum employee in charge of the collection of classical art, together with Dr. Ryszard Wołągiewicz, a long-time head of the Department of Archeology of our Museum, participated in the preparation of handing over the relics from the pre-war Dohrn collection, which at the end of the first half of the twentieth century went to The National Museum in Warsaw, to Szczecin. He also substantively supported the organization of their exhibition in the Museum building at Wały Chrobrego, where bronze copies of ancient sculptures and original ceramics and decorative objects were presented until the first half of the 1940s. These events, contributed to by him, were the basis for taking action to restore the pre-war representative decoration of the lobby of the building at Wały Chrobrego and the arrangement of the current exhibition, "The Ancient Roots of Europe. Szczecin Dohrns' collection". Copies of statues from the classical period of Greek art and the Hellenistic age found themselves again in the space designed for them.

We convey our deepest sympathy and grief to the family. The Professor will always remain in our memory.


On behalf of The National Museum in Szczecin staff

Lech Karwowski
Director of The National Museum in Szczecin