MEERJUNGFRAUEN - Atelier Marczewski Collection Fashion Show
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Regional Traditions | Pałac Sejmu Stanów Pomorskich, Staromłyńska 27, 70-561 Szczecin, Polska

Designer Michał Marczewski, inspired by the classical mermaid's figure of red carpets and the fashion of the 1920s and 1930s, created a collection of hand-finished, cocktail-like figures, freely interpreting the mermaid theme in fashion. Each of the creations has been entirely sewn or finished by hand in accordance with the haute couture standards, and the fabrics have been imported from Italy, Turkey and Japan.

Michał Marczewski made his debut as a fashion designer in 2006 with the Palace Story collection, and in 2011 he showed his collection for the first time during the Berlin Fashion Week. For many years, he cooperated with photographers - including Filip Kacalski, Magda Lipijeko and Marcin Twardowski. The designer created fashion for concerts and photo sessions of Ewa Farna, Olga Bończyk, Katarzyna Groniec, Olga Nieśpielak and Joanna Brodzik. The latest collection will be shown in Szczecin at the Courtyard of the National Museum in Szczecin, The Museum of Regional Traditions at 27 Staromłyńska St. and it is the only live opportunity to see all the creations in one place.

The partners of the show are: The National Museum in Szczecin and Agencja Artystyczna AZ from Opole.

Free entrance (first row places may be booked until April 25th by sendind a message to Facebook / Atelier Marczewski profile).

 Photo by: Filip Kacalski 

Model: Magda Michalak