The 9th SLOW ART DAY 2019
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Szczecin History Museum | Księcia Mściwoja II 8, 70-533 Szczecin, Polska

The National Museum in Szczecin for the ninth time participates in the national Slow Art Day. This time, we have chosen works presented at the chamber exhibition "Biedermeier's Cabinet" in the National Museum in Szczecin - The Szczecin History Museum.

Dr. Dariusz Kacprzak, art historian, Deputy Director of the Museum for Scientific Issues, and Małgorzata Peszko from The NMS Szczecin History Museum will tell about the paintings, their creators, as well as the era in which they were created.

Our Guests are invited to visit The National Museum in Szczecin - The Szczecin History Museum on Saturday, April 27th 2019 at noon. Free entrance. The meeting is held in Polish. 


The aim of the "Slow Art Day" campaign is to convince the Visitors that by entering the museum, it is worth focusing on the quality of the visit, not the quantity.

According to a research, museum guests spend statically eight seconds for each piece of art. This is because when entering the museum, we feel compelled to look at all the works that are in it. The effect is that thwy run through dozens of museum rooms without reflection and compulsively, after which we are tired and angry. What's worse, we do not remember and do not understand what we have just seen.

The cure for this type of passive and tiring tour is Slow Art movement.

On April 27th, 2019, at noon, museums throughout the country for an hour will convey the idea of Slow Art to their Visitors. Each of them will choose five works from their collections. There will be a person asking the participants questions, motivating them to take reflection and gain the courage to look for answers. The aim will be to show that a museum object can become a source of inspiration.

After the tour, the participants will be invited to a meeting during which they will be able to talk about their impressions.

Each work of art has its own history to say. Just listen to it.




Slow Art Day artworks:
1. August Ludwig Most, "The Portrait of Emil Baesemanna”, 1849
2. August Ludwig Most, "Fishmongers”, 1846
3. August Ludwig Most, "The Portrait of The Kühn Family”, 1844
4. August Ludwig Most, "The Overheard Rendes-Vous”, 1844
5. (two paintings) Ludwig Eduard Lütke, "The View of Szczecin from Lastadie to The Castle and St. John's Church”, 1836, and "The View of Szczecin between St. John's Church and The Long Bridge", 1839