The Dialogue Centre Upheavals in 3D

It is not going to be visiting a museum at home, but an encouragement to come, see and feel what The Dialogue Centre Upheavals in Szczecin is. Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz has presented a new technology, which makes it possible to learn the richness of the Museum.

- Two years ago we gave the space, in which we had recorded the history of contemporary Szczecin, to the citizens. We showed our defiant city. For two years, we have been trying hard to promote this place, which, in all the ways, does it woderfully itself by winning numerous architectural prizes. New technology helps us by showing a sample of what one may see there - said The Marshal of West-Pomeranian Voivodeship Olgierd Geblewicz.

An exclusively created website makes it possible for everyone to have a virtual walk through The Dialogue Centre Upheavals in Szczecin. Using a mobile phone and dedicated 3D googles, we may move around "The Upheavals" in Virtual Reality technology. The presentation may also be launched by a banner at

- We live in double reality: virtual as well as the real one. They support each other. We have shown it in the Beksiński exhibition. Without this reality none of cultural institutions can function well nowadays. These technologies are still expensive, so we are grateful for the Marshal's involvement, thanks to which we may be proud of such a feature – said The Director of The National Museum in Szczecin Lech Karwowski.

The interactive presentation consists of, among others, giant panorama of The Dialogue Centre Upheavals, panorama of the very Museum and its surface area. The presentation has been additionally enriched by spectacular drone shots from above Szczecin. The author of the presentation is Jarosław Syrek from Szczecin.

- Jarosław Syrek is a great model for young people, showing how to succeed living in Szczecin. His works have been carried out for, among others, Dubai, and now for the Dialogue Centre Upheavals - said The Director of The Marshal's Office Krzysztof Barczyk. 

- The presentation is easily approachable, each moment we may skip one of the elements and return to the same place of the exhibition. There are numerous additions, unusually attractive panoramas of the city. We are encouraging the visitors to use it - added Deputy Director of The Marshal's Office Arkadiusz Mazepa. 

Only until the end of September 2017 The Dialogue Centre Upheavals has been visited by over 30 thousand people. During the whole 2016 as many as 45 thousands visitors came to DCU.

- We hope to attract even more guests. This is a great promotion tool - explained The Manager of The Dialogue Centre Upheavals Agnieszka Kuchcińska-Kurcz.

The Marshal of West-Pomeranian Voivodeship Olgierd Geblewicz says that in 2018 in West Pomerania there will be many occasions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence regaining. The 30th anniversary of strikes from 1988, which ended in success and were one of the key ways to freedom, will be particularly commemorated. This will be contributed to by, among others, The Dialogue Centre Upheavals. 

(West-Pomeranian Voivodeship Press Service)