The National Museum in Szczecin is the largest cultural institution in Western Pomerania. It belongs to a group of eleven Polish museums which have the honor to call themselves “national” institutions owing to their prestige and nationwide importance of their exhibits.

The Museum collects, protects – assuring constant existence, elaborates and displays national heritage: artworks and relics of material culture – archaeological, ethnographic and maritime exhibits. Its vital aim is to create wide area of scientific thought exchange in various fields of knowledge – according to the scope of the collection. The Museum accomplishes its mission by presenting its collections on permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well, as various artistic events, scientific conferences, meetings on science for the general public, as well, as education and publishing activities. As an institution of public trust, it is a depositary of memory of the past, but also live culture center – a place which actively participates in the process of shaping historical consciousness and social attitudes.

The National Museum in Szczecin, in the spirit of multicultural, cross-border dialogue and cooperation builds regional, national and European identity of Western Pomerania and its inhabitants.