HYPERLINK. An Individual Exhibition of Zbigniew Romańczuk

Zbigniew Romańczuk's "HYPERLINK" exhibition is an immersive, interactive visual installationThe exhibition curator: Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz

By moving their hand over the LeapMotion controller, the visitor influences on transformations of the image that absorbs them with its fluid graphic structure. The graphics and photos that were used to create the basis of interactive animation come from the Internet resources, available under the free Creative Commons 0 license and in accordance with the author's intention they are a metaphor for collective consciousness and non-consciousness.

Digital objects presented in a variable, 3D form are created by the hypsometric transformation of source images and then curling them into a sphere. Generative algorithms, sound and image create a highly responsive environment where images are edited in real time by moving the viewer's - the animations's user's - hand.

The exhibition offers an immersive, telematic experience in which the perception of stimuli is mediated through electronics. The viewer, who looks, moves and influences the shape of the surrounding pictures, is a participant of the created pictorial situation. Their movements are not creative, but operational, and in the process of using the image, the viewer learns how the image reacts to their movements, observing what and how changes with particular gestures and hand positions. This situation may refer to experiences of everyday life, when we use elements of the world that are new to us, having some, but incomplete, influence on them. For this reason, the "HYPERLINK" exhibition familiarizes us with the new reality, not so much virtual, but augmented one, in which our life is increasingly embedded. It combines the physical and electronic, material and digital, exploring the ways of experiencing and imaging the diversity of the world marked by bio-technological transformation.

Hybrid forms of picturing and resulting from them Zbigniew Romańczuk's artistic practice refer to the symbiotic relations between human and the external environment as well as, in detail, to the relationship between human and machines, between people themselves, who manifest and act both in the physical world and in digital, virtual one. Contemporary human moves in the environment of digital images, the matter of which is light, inscribing human physical body into the iconosphere.

The aim of the exhibition is to liberate the audience's activity due to the interactive nature of the installation, it is also to contribute to the development of their cultural awareness and critical thinking about images based on digital technologies, the ways of their perception, as well as about what they represent, i.e. about human and their world. It builds a metaphor for the network of connections between ideas, images and social relations, reflecting the relationship between human and technology in the context of transhumanism and augmented reality.

The exhibition os also supposed to put us in a state of contemplation and admiration, not perceived in the Kantian perspective as a disinterested view through transcendental subjectivity, but in the perspective of the aesthetics of commitment by Arnold Berleant, who criticises the ideas of disinterestedness, distance, contemplation, universalism and suggests to analyse the works aesthetically in relation to the living and psychophysically active human. From the concept of contemplation, Berleant recommends leaving a specific state of concentration on the actual experience, which allows us to perceive and enjoy the aesthetic values ​​of the work. This kind of contemplation is triggered by Romańczuk's "HYPERLINK", as it provokes an immersive focus on the experience of the impact on the transformation of images, which significantly define the human environment, their current space - the iconosphere. Images show the processes of communication and data control, linking images and concepts by means of hyperlinks.

Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz



The "HYPERLINK" project consists of two complementary parts. The first one is Zbigniew Romańczuk's individual exhibition.This part has a hybrid character – several multimedia works are presented virtually, others will be displayed at the seat of The National Museum in Szczecin – The Museum of Contemporary Art and (as we hope) available to the public in late January 2021. The curator of the exhibition is Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz. 

The second part, entitled "HIPERLINK – a New Image of the World and Human” is a virtual gallery, an effect of cooperation between the artist – Zbigniew Romańczuk, a philosopher – Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz and a computer graphic designer – Radosław Nagay, who invited artists from Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Germany to reflect over the world's condition at the time of images generated by digital technology and biotechnology. 

Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz

Virtual gallery: CLICK

The "HYPERLINK” project has been carried out within Creative Scholarship of the City of Szczecin - Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Szczecin.

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